Payment and Delivery

You can make a single online payment through our website with your credit card (all kinds of credit cards can be used). Your online payments for your orders shall be carried out through a single payment transaction from your credit card. In cases of possible order cancellations or order cancellations due to inventory issues, your payment shall be returned to your credit card in three business days.

Return of Order Price

In case your order is cancelled due to possible scenarios, Goodness shall return the product price to your account and/or credit card in three business days. However, you must provide the correct and complete bank account information and/or credit card information to the finance department of our company.


We aim to deliver the products you have ordered to the courier company on the day following your order. For the products that take time to procure, the courier delivery duration is three business days as mentioned in the details of the product. If the delivery of a product is delayed, you will be notified of the delay.

In order for the product to be delivered smoothly, please provide address of the location that you are present throughout the day as the delivery address.

Your request shall be processed to be prepared according to the delivery option you have chosen at the end of your order. The product shall be sent via UPS courier company from our company headquarters in Istanbul.

You can learn about different delivery options by reaching out to our customer representative. In addition, the courier deliveries are only valid for Turkey.

Monitoring Your Payment
If the abovementioned system cannot take the payment due to any reason, our visitor is notified of such issue on the payment page.

If the order is not delivered due to a mistake in the address provided, our customer who made the order is contacted about the order.

In the delivery of the product, we are liable to the bank, which we use the credit card system of, as much as we are liable to our customers.

Please Take Note!

If you think that a package was damaged during the shipment, please open the package and check the contents in front of the representative of the company that delivered the product. If you think that there is any damage on the product, do not accept the delivery and have the courier write an official report about the issue.

The courier company is deemed to have fulfilled its obligation when the delivery of a product is accepted.

If the product is damaged, notify this issue to the email address as soon as possible with the official report you have prepared.

When you complete this transaction, we will start the work in relation to your package and have the delivery repeated as soon as possible.

If you could explain why you want to return our product in this email, you would help our work on the product.