Why Should I Consume It?

Because it is a “Supplement Bar” that you will meet for the first time and that provides a diet that supplements circadian diet, intermittent fasting, elimination diet and losing weight.

If You Choose to Do Ritual Feeding Once or Twice a Week:

Daily Ritual Bars is a practical system that provides an immensely comprehensive solution. It supplements and enables a regular, proper and healthy nutrition in many different ways.

  1. Daily Ritual Bars helps you provide your body the exact thing it needs at the exact time your body needs it.
  1. It supplements the daily intermittent fasting method that has been proved to be beneficial with hundreds of scientific studies in the last few years.
  1. The body gets the chance to purify itself of the additives such as gluten, soy, corn and processed sugar. The body energy is preserved by this way and this energy can be used for other regenerative functions.
  1. By eating only Daily Ritual Bars for one or two days in a week, you both follow the abovementioned three steps and provide a permanent/sustainable solution for weight management. Your weekly calory intake is naturally lowered, and therefore it gets easier for you to lose weight.
  1. In accordance with the Functional Nutrition essentials, your body also takes another effective step towards protection from chronic inflammation that is an underlying condition for almost all diseases.

If you prefer it as a snack in between meals:

We put the bars with de facto ingredients from shelves to our bags, and consume them when we are starving or in order to not be so hungry before the next meal… Now, a fully functional bar that provides you with the nutrition that your body needs at the hour you feel starving takes its place in your bag as the most optimal snack. It is not only for filling up your stomach but for also contributing to your health…

Yes, I would like to try…