If these questions come to your mind…

What happens when I eat it at an hour other than the one provided on the pack?

- Daily Ritual Bars can be consumed both as a meal and a snack. Therefore, it can easily be eaten outside the recommended hours.

Can I consume it together with the supplements that I take, or should I stop the taking other supplements?

- The supplement dosage in the Daily Ritual Bars were formulized in a way that you can continue to take other supplements. Nevertheless, you can consult your physician for detailed information about the dosage for and the interaction between supplements.

Can I only eat Daily Ritual Bars for more than one or two days in a week?

- The answer to this question depends on the person. If you are healthy, if you do not have chronic conditions such as diabetes, and if you have consulted your physician, then yes, you can eat only DRB for more than two days. Our recommendation is to aim for one or two days in a week for sustainability and balance.‌

Can I be allergic to anything inside it?

- Yes, the allergy rule that is true for all food is also true for the DRB. We recommend not to eat it without reading the ingredients.

Does eating Daily Ritual Bars help you lose weight? ‌

- You can of course lose weight when you continue to eat healthy on the days you are not consuming the DRB. On the other hand, the main reason for consuming DRB for one or two days in a week or as a refreshment/snack is to provide our body with the nutrition that it needs at the hours it needs that nutrition. We can say that losing the extra weight is a sweet little side effect of the DRB.