Good Morning Darling 8:00

For starting the day by saying “My Darling” to her, for the freshest and happiest start.

The ingredients of this bar, which helps you break your intermittent fast in the healthiest possible way in the morning, enables you to start the day with the right nutrients. On the one hand, it balances the proteins, carbohydrates, fibers and fats, and on the other, it provides the supplements that your body needs at this hour of the morning with its carefully selected ingredients. At this hour, the melatonin release stops with the end of sleep, the blood pressure increases for activity, and the body starts to ready itself for the activities that the day will bring.

Ingredients: Persimmon paste, Raw Almond, Ground Coffee Beans, Inulin, Dried Apple, Milk Fat, Dried Orange, Ground Cinnamon, Sea Salt, Beta-glucan, Thiamine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B1), Sodium Selenite (Selenium).

Time to Focus – Hocus Focus 10:00

You might need some magic to plan the day, gather your attention and for the meetings and presentations. The magic wand bar in your hands is to help you achieve the above in the easiest way...

This bar, which has been designed to support the hour when your concentration is the highest, continues to supply your body with the quality fats, proteins, carbohydrates and fibers in a balanced manner.

Ingredients: Persimmon, Cranberry, Raw Almond, Coconut Shavings, Inulin, Linseed, Coconut Oil, Lemon Peel, Green Tea Leaf, Cinnamon, L-Carnitine.

Mid-day Fuel – Pump it Up 12:00

Because you need to say “Pump up the jam!” and you want to feel both energetic and full in the middle of the day...

A bar that has been designed optimally for lunch with the protein, fat and carbohydrate balance within. On the one hand it provides optimal and long-term saturation and on the other it supplements the body with fibrous food that has multiple benefits for the vitamins, minerals and metabolism. You can eat it instead of lunch or as a pre- or after-meal supplement...

Ingredients: Fructooligosaccharide, Peanut, Sunflower Seeds, Inulin, Raw Cashew, Coconut Shavings, Lemon Peel, Linseed, Ground Cinnamon, Moringa Extract (Moringa oleifera Lam-leaf), Magnesium Sulfate, Magnesium Oxide.

Sweet Break – Happy Hour 14:00

For you to appease your desire for desserts in the healthiest way possible and say “you stole my heart” when you need something sweet but healthy…

We feel that our energy slowly drops in the afternoon. Sweet Break was designed to help you get out of this dormancy and recover your energy in the healthiest way. Think of it as a small, sweet and impressive break!

Ingredients: Persimmon, Raw Nuts, Dry Cherry, Cranberry, Raw Cacao, Dark Chocolate, Inulin, L-Carnitine, Ground Cinnamon, Psyllium, Mayflower Fruit.

Party Inside – Spinning Wheels – 16:00

Rock’n’roll, samba, tango, swing inside… For you to feel that all wheels turn in harmony…

Party Inside Bar, which supports the ingestion, helps your bowels get into a regular rhythm. The Party Inside is eaten around eventide, and readies the body to release the toxins via bowels around the early hours of the morning. It is a preparation in the eventide for a neat start to the day…

Ingredients: Prune, Raw Almond, Dried Apricot, Inulin, Magnesium Sulfate, Coconut Shavings, Coconut Oil, Ground Cinnamon.

Protein Love – Love Protein – 17:00

Ah protein! There are so many who found the love they were looking for in the protein… It is for your body to feel vigorous and alive all the time…

It is a time towards the evening when our productivity increases, the nutrients are stored and marrows are produced.

Ingredients: Raisin, Raw Almond, Rice Protein Powder, Dried Pineapples, Raw Sesame, Inulin, Spirulina, Ground Cinnamon, L-Carnitine, Black Pepper (Piper nigrum-fruit)

Size Don’t Matter – OK Till Morning – 19:00

You spent the whole day filled up and full of energy. Now, it is both for your fullness to continue all night and for you to have an excellent sleep…

Don’t mind the size of this bar please. The strong protein, fat, carbohydrate and fiber composition within has a fulfilling effect. The body starts to relax at these hours of the night. With less sunlight, our body starts to ready itself to release melatonin hormone.

Ingredients: Prune, Raw Almond, Dried Apricot, Inulin, Magnesium Sulfate, Coconut Shavings, Coconut Oil, Ground Cinnamon