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Where and How to Use Spirulina?

Where and How to Use Spirulina?

Every day, we are meeting a new supplement designed for achieving and sustaining a healthier life. Spirulina, which we have started to hear about in the past few years, is one of them. This plant is transformed into a food with the special drying mechanism of the blue-green algae and it has been used by the Mexicans and Africans since 1500s. It is beneficial for both children and adults for renewing the cells, protecting bodies from cancer, balancing the cholesterol, helping to lose weight, and providing energy.

How to Grow Spirulina?

Spirulina, rich in nutrition such as vitamins and minerals, has many benefits for the body, and is special in terms of its growth. It is grown in a clean environment and within pure water. Regions with tropical weather and lots of sun are ideal for spirulina to grow. When it’s ready, it is dried with a special technique and made ready for consumption.

How to Use Spirulina?

There is still the question of how to use spirulina, which has so many benefits. You can consume spirulina in powder or tablet form to acquire the necessary protein and energy for your body, to have healthier hair and protection against various diseases. Let us examine the answers for this question together.

Firstly, the optimal dosage of spirulina for one person has been established as 1-3 grams, but this amount can decrease or increase depending on the person and the needs.

Africans used spirulina by adding it into many different meals in order to benefit from the properties of it, however, like all plants, spirulina can also lose its nutritional value when processed with cooking. Therefore, one of the recommendations is to use powder spirulina and mixing it with lemon. Especially, adding one tablespoon of spirulina to the fruit juice you drink after the breakfast will immensely help provide your daily vitamin need.

Spirulina contains a lot of vitamin E and antioxidants that are beneficial for the skin. You can utilize this property by choosing to do a spirulina mask (just another way of using spirulina!). By applying spirulina mask to your skin three times a week before taking a bath, you also can have a spotless, smooth, clean, shiny and tight skin.

If you would like to have healthier and nice-looking hair, spirulina can still be an excellent supplement for you. You can consume spirulina as a tablet, thus enabling regeneration in all the cells of your body and directly create a basis for radical change on the skin. By using spirulina regularly, you can have healthier and stronger hair. 

Who Can Use Spirulina?

As we have stated before, spirulina is hugely beneficial for both children and adults. Therefore, spirulina can be used by women, men and children of all ages that do not have any health issues. However, you must buy spirulina from a trusty brand and a trusty shop before using it, and especially learn whether the children have allergic reactions to spirulina and set an optimal dosage before using it.

Spirulina is also recommended for those who adopted a vegetarian and vegan dieting option. Spirulina will assume an important role in providing the protein needed for the body in these types of diet. It is recommended to consume spirulina in powder or tablet form for such purposes.

For those who aim to gain weight, taking 2-4 tablets 1-1.5 hours after each meal will help muscles to gain weight and make it easier for you to reach your ideal body.

For those who aim for losing weight, taking 2-4 tablets 1-1.5 hours before each meal will send a fullness sensation to the brain. Therefore, appetite management will become easier and reaching the ideal weight will become shorter.

Spirulina is also a great food supplement for those who do not have weight issues but want to preserve their ideal body form. Those who want to stay in shape should take 1-3 tables 30 minutes after each meal and this will help them preserve their health and ideal weight.

If you have children with poor appetite and if you cannot contribute to his diet in any way, spirulina might be the supplement you are looking for. Using a capsule of spirulina between each meal will help solve the problem of slow growth and poor appetite in children.

What to Consider When Using Spirulina?

Spirulina is not a recommendation or a substitute for drugs that will be used to treat any disease. If you are sick, you should never forget that you must first consult your physician. You should know that in order for spirulina to show its other positive effects, you need to use it regularly for at least three months, because our body needs at least three months to feed all the cells. 

Where to Find Spirulina, A Supplement that Is So Useful?

If you have decided to use spirulina, of course the question of where to find it becomes the first thing that comes to your mind. You can acquire spirulina easily from many pharmacies and herbalists. In addition, since we are living in the age of internet, you should not forget that you can purchase spirulina from a trusted website in tablet or powder form, and you can add goodness in your life.

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