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Benefits of the Super Food Spirulina

Benefits of the Super Food Spirulina

As living healthy became more important, we became more involved with alternative medicine, we turned our body and soul towards the nature in the recent years and now, we are encountering new formulas. The plant that we keep hearing about in the recent years is the spirulina.

Although most of us heard about spirulina only recently, its history dates back to 1500s. Spirulina used to be consumed especially by the Northern Africans and the Mexicans, and now, it is accepted by the United Nations and the World Agriculture Organizations that spirulina is very beneficial for both the children and adults.

We have compiled the information that will help you understand spirulina better in the remaining parts of our article. If you are a person who loves living healthy and loving your body, then you can add spirulina to the list of supplements that you need to try. However, we would like to warn you beforehand. Like all supplements, spirulina should not have a primary solution for the treatment of a disease, and an expert physician should be consulted before using it.

What Is Spirulina?

Even if you are hearing the name of spirulina for the first time, it cannot be said that you are too far off from its core. Spirulina is the transformation of the blue-green algae, which are known as the best oxygen producers, into a food by a special drying system. It is nutritious and beneficial due its ingredients.

What Does Spirulina Have Inside?

Spirulina is rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals, and these ingredients are not added afterwards but are part of the plant itself. 

How to Consume Spirulina?

The most important question in everyone’s mind. Since spirulina is a plant which is so beneficial for our body, how will we consume and benefit from it?

Spirulina, which was used by many tribes in the ancient times, was defined as the “protein storage”. The Africans put spirulina in many different types of food in order to benefit from this property of spirulina and achieved a much healthier life.
Lately, spirulina productions started in Turkey, and it is appropriate to consume it as a food supplement in powder or capsule form. In addition, it can also be used as a face mask and can be the architect of the changes on the skin that can be seen with a naked eye.

What Are the Benefits of Spirulina?

Spirulina is a food which almost all of the cells in the body benefits from. Therefore, making it part of your life will be an important and positive change. Let us examine together the most important benefits of spirulina together.

Spirulina Gives You Energy

With its beneficial and rich ingredients, spirulina helps body to reclaim the energy that it had lost. With spirulina, it is possible to gain the energy we need throughout the day, to increase our bodies’ resistance and get rid of the states that immensely and adversely affect our performance, such as exhaustion.

Spirulina Is a Vegetable Protein Source

Spirulina is a magnificent vegetable protein source. The high amount of protein within spirulina is the highest quality vegetable protein. Thus, it is a gem for those who prefer the vegan diet and those who give importance to their form.
Spirulina Is a Vitamin Source

Spirulina has a lot of vitamins within. The highest amount of vitamin in spirulina is the vitamin E. Thus, it provides serious change to the people who consume it or use it as a mask. With spirulina, you can purify and tighten your skin, and allow your skin to have a younger and smoother look.

Spirulina Strengthens the Hair

One of the most important steps of personal care and looking good is of course taking care of your hair. In addition to supporting your hair with nourishing products such as masks, creams, sprays, you can recognize the amazing difference in your hair when you regularly use spirulina. Spirulina, by feeding the hair follicles and helping the hair grow stronger and healthier, allows you to look magnificent.

Spirulina Is a Powerful Antioxidant

If you have addictions such as cigarettes or alcohol, or if you live in a big city and get exposed to stress and air pollution, spirulina can be good for you. When used regularly, spirulina helps you get rid of such negative effects caused by external factors with its antioxidant property, and you get a cleaner body. 

Spirulina Regenerates the Cells

If you would like to supplement the cell regeneration and reproduction, which is extremely important for a long, healthy and young-looking life, you might want to meet spirulina. Since spirulina is a great supplement for the cells, it plays an important role in healing various disorders such as diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol and anemia.

Spirulina Protects You from Cancer

In the recent years, it is almost pure chance that if one lives without contracting any form of cancer. Would you like to add a new precaution against cancer among others? Spirulina helps destroy many organisms that cause cancer because it regenerates cells. Many studies confirmed that spirulina played an important role in the fight against cancer and those who used spirulina were less likely to contract cancer.

Spirulina Balances the Cholesterol

Common issue for many people, cholesterol can be balanced by using spirulina. Since cholesterol is caused generally by the animal products, and that spirulina provides us with the protein that we need only from plant products, it can help decrease the cholesterol in a short amount of time. Many studies have shown that those who used spirulina face less arteriosclerosis or heart diseases or none at all.

Spirulina Helps Lose Weight

When we would like to start consuming a new food, one of the first questions that pops in our minds is whether that food would help us lose weight. Spirulina helps you lose weight. With its rich ingredients, it gives you a sensation of fullness, and helps accelerate your metabolism and fat burning rate. Thus, it helps you lose more weight in a short period of time without pain.

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