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Setting Up Our Biological Clocks: What is Circadian Nutrition?

Setting Up Our Biological Clocks: What is Circadian Nutrition?

Nowadays, not only it is important to live long, but to live a long life with a healthy body.

According to this, we have been in search of ideal nutrition and got used to choosing ideal foods for our body. When we mention vegan diet, vegetarian diet, pescatarian diet, we continue to evaluate many types of nutrition according to our mind, body and palate. In the rest of our article, we studied the "circadian nutrition"  in detail for you. Let's see if the circadian diet can suit you in every aspect?

The essence of the circadian diet relates to the order of your meal times. The purpose of circadian nutrition compared to many other diets is regulating your meal times and determining your body rhythm, instead of restricting certain types of food or the size of your portion. Finding its rhythm, your body will lose weight much more easily and will avoid severe diseases.

What is Body Rhythm?

Circadian stems from circa: around and dies: days. In short; It is the body rhythm consisting by the sum of physiological, hormonal and psychological processes that the circadian body performs in a day.

What is Circadian Rhythm?

Circadian rhythm is the repetition of living beings rhythms, which is created by the rotation of the earth around its own axis completed in one day. In other words, circadian rhythm is the biological clock of the body. Heart rate, body temperature, metabolic rate, mood, sleep cycle are among the factors that generate this rhythm.

What is the Link Between Meal Time and Circadian Rhythm?

A thought such as "I can eat at any time I want, my body won’t feel any change ..." can affect your whole rhythm, so be careful! In many studies, it has been observed that physiological functions increase before meals. Hence, it has been proven that the body predicts the food intake time and synchronizes its functions. In short, the possible thought you may have, that we mentioned earlier, is completely wrong. Unusual and irregular meal times can help the impairment of your physical health directly.

There are many causes affecting the circadian rhythm, also defined as the biological clock. The body can stay healthy if it adapts to causes such as light and temperature differences, shift work etc.; If it fails to adapt, it faces many health problems, mainly weight gain. Because, many hormones that have an important role in metabolism such as insulin, glucagon, adiponectin, corticosterone, leptin and ghrelin are released according to circadian rhythm.  

  1.  Ayşegül Çoruhlu utters in her book "Circadian Nutrition" as follows:

“We look at the clock and complain that time passes quickly. We keep the time equal to the time on our watch. However, the real clock is a special center in our brain. This center, which measures the biological clock of the body, instantly tells the time to all other organs. The whole body is filled with clocks. Yes, there are internal clocks in the brain, pancreas, liver, intestine, all cells and even DNA. Why does the body need so many clocks? In order for billions of processes in the body to be performed regularly, it must follow a certain rhythm. The organ that won’t work accordingly, creates chaos instead of a rhythm. Chaos means illness. What prevents chaos is the body's biological internal clock. The biological inner clock synchronizes us with the outer clock. The inner clock should not be out of tune. If the internal clock is broken, we will get sick. If the internal clock is broken, we will age fast. If the internal clock is broken, we will gain weight fast… Yes, enough emphasis was placed on what to eat in a healthy diet. But the big question is, "When will we eat?" Gaining weight and losing weight is really a matter of "time".  "Circa" means around, "diem" means day. Circadian diet tells about a nutrition and a lifestyle coherent to the times of the day. The price of disrupting the circadian rhythm is aging rapidly. The price of disrupting the circadian rhythm is getting sick. The price of disrupting the circadian rhythm is gaining weight. Timing is everything. Timing is the new subject of medicine. 

Is Sleep Pattern Important for Circadian Diet?

Our body is like a mechanism that only works in harmony when whole. For this reason, sleep patterns are also extremely important in terms of integrity in the diet process. During the hours when the body secretes the hormone melatonin, sleeping in a very dark environment helps regulate metabolic activities. Thus, it becomes possible to minimize the risk of heart diseases, diabetes, and stroke. 

How Should a Circadian Diet Work?

If you want to turn the circadian diet into a lifestyle, it will be useful to consult a specialist first. Apart from that, the details you need to know in order to have an idea and thereby adopt the circadian diet are as follows:
If you want to spend the rest of your life in accordance with your biological clock and choose circadian diet, the first point you should pay attention to will be having certain meal times and keeping it same for every day. In addition, another point would be to prefer a variety of foods rich in grains and fat in the morning when your metabolism works fast; to prefer foods such as low-fat vegetables in the evening, when your metabolism is slow.

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