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L-Carnitine = Energy = Long Life with Good Quality

L-Carnitine = Energy = Long Life with Good Quality

L-Carnitine, used by the athletes for a long period of time as a supplement, is actually a derivative of amino acids. The most important role of L-Carnitine in our body is to activate the mitochondria in our cells.

L-Carnitine directs the fatty acids towards the cells, and the mitochondria use these fatty acids and produce energy. It is important for our mitochondria to be strong and fed appropriately to be able live a long and healthy life.

L-Carnitine also has a positive effect on our brain. While it is an important factor for focusing, perception, brain health and against dementia, it may also help brain cells protect themselves against damage. 

We have also added this supplement in our bars which prepared for the hours when the body especially needs energy and focusing.

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