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The Favorite Food of the Beneficial Bacteria: Inulin

The Favorite Food of the Beneficial Bacteria: Inulin

A hot topic of the past few years… the strong relationship between the digestive system and general health. Digestive disorders are the underlying conditions for many autoimmune health issues from cardiovascular diseases to Hashimoto Thyroid, and for many chronic issues from weight management to mental health. It is clear that we need beneficial bacteria in this part of the body and that our intestinal flora needs to be balanced. Therefore, inulin is among the special ingredients we have chosen to supplement the body as Goodness Company.

But what is inulin?

Inulin is a substance within the plants that is used as an energy source by the them. It is a kind of fiber. A lot of plants such as artichoke, asparagus, banana and garlic produce inulin. There are about 15,000 – 35,000 different types of bacteria living in our body. Ideally, very few of them should belong to the harmful bacteria category. We need to feed the beneficial bacteria in order for them to reproduce and support the intestinal flora balance. The best type of food that can feed them is the inulin.

With its high fiber amount, inulin boost the feeling of fullness, slows down the digestion and also sweeps away the cholesterol when going through our system.

While it increases the number of the beneficial bacteria as it feeds them, it also keeps away the pathogens and reinforces our immune system. Thus, by having a positive effect on the intestinal movements, it also immensely helps the internal cleanse of the body.

Research suggests that when inulin-contained foods are consumed regularly, this fibrous food can have a protective effect against both the diabetes and the cancer.

Therefore, we have added inulin in every one of our Daily Ritual Bars. By eating these bars throughout the day, you properly feed your digestive system, immune system and body.

Bon Appetite!

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