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9 Reasons for Having Apple Cider Vinegar at Home

9 Reasons for Having Apple Cider Vinegar at Home

Although apple cider vinegar has become quite popular in recent years, people have been using this fermented liquid for hundreds of years.

When purchasing this golden colored vinegar with miraculous abilities, it is important to pay attention to choose the one that has a blurry look, meaning that it should be fermented and unfiltered.

Why Do You Need to Have Cider Vinegar at All Times in Your House? 

Here are 9 awesome reasons for you:

  1. Since it is fermented, it helps reproduce the beneficial bacteria in the intestinal flora. Since disruption of the balance of this flora is the underlying condition for many diseases and health issues, the condition of our intestinal bacteria is extremely important. This property of the apple vinegar makes it anti-fungal and anti-viral too.
  2. It helps balance the blood sugar. A research has shown that consuming a small amount of apple vinegar alongside a meal with high carbohydrates and sugar prevented the blood sugar from increasing rapidly. The next time you sneak in some pasta, pastry or cake make sure to drink a spoon of apple vinegar!
  3. If you add a dessertspoon of apple vinegar for each liter of water you drink throughout the day, you’ll have a higher chance to lose weight from the fats in your body and to reduce your fat ratio. In other words, when you add apple vinegar into your healthy diet program, you can get rid of the extra fat faster.
  4. You can end the detergent use that is full of harmful chemicals with the apple vinegar. Apple vinegar is a strong disinfectant and cleaner. Mix 250 ml apple vinegar with a liter of water, and it is ready!
  5. When you mix a dessertspoon of apple vinegar and a dessertspoon of lemon juice in the cleaning water, you can get rid of almost all of the pesticide remaining on your vegetables and fruits.
  6. If you would like to have sleek hair, rinse it with apple vinegar after you use your shampoo. Add a tablespoon of apple vinegar and about 750 ml water in an empty bottle of shampoo and rinse your hair with this mixture. Additionally, it is said to solve the dandruff problem after a few uses. 
  7. When you add 2-3 tablespoons of apple vinegar into a cup of water, you can use the mixture as a toner in your facial care routine. It is very effective when removing the dead skin cells covering your skin and deep cleaning your skin.
  8. Are there spots on your teeth? Mix a tablespoon of baking soda with two tablespoons of apple vinegar and turn it into a paste. Clean your teeth buy rubbing this mixture on your teeth and rinse your mouth well. If you carry out this routine three times a week, you will see that your teeth will get whiter in time.
  9. In order to protect your pets from flea, make a half and half mixture of water and apple vinegar and rub the hair of your cat or dog with this mixture. Although it may not help you get rid of the fleas, it is certain that it prevents them.

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