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Elimination Diet: 5 Tricks to Succeed

Elimination Diet: 5 Tricks to Succeed

The elimination diet that we hear a lot about lately has actually been known and used for a long time as a intoxication and intolerance detection system. It is the first step of treatment that the physicians of Functional Medicine use.

Elimination diet is carried out by removing certain allergens from the individual’s diet program. The process generally lasts about three weeks and after this process, each allergen that was taken out of the program is retried every three days. For example, the food including gluten which were not consumed for three weeks are retried on the fourth week, and the reaction of the body is monitored. When a negative reaction is observed, the intolerance of the person for that food group becomes confirmed.

Generally in the elimination diet, the five main allergens are taken out: gluten, dairy products, processed sugar, soy and corn. In some situations, eggs, legumes and even tomatoes, eggplants, peppers and potatoes can be removed from the program.

In order to be able to complete the elimination diet successfully, the designated allergen food must not be eaten at all. So, you shouldn’t say “It’s just half slice of bread!” Therefore, if you do not pay attention strictly, it is very hard to sustain this diet.

Here are the five tricks to successfully engage in this diet:

  1. It is important to decide which food groups to take out of your program before you start the diet.
  2. While shopping, try to read the “ingredients” sections on the packaging of the food that you are buying. You must know which nutrients and processed foods these products contain. For example, sometimes processed foods such as ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise can contain gluten. There can be corn starch, soy oil and milk products in places where you may never think of.
  3. Creating a weekly menu and a shopping list before starting the diet will make it a lot easier.
  4. Even so, we recommend you spend 3-4 hours in the kitchen before starting the diet and make the preparations for the week. For example, boiling the chicken, placing it in the fridge ready to be consumed. Steam cooking vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflower and placing them in the fridge in glass containers. Washing the herbs such as parsley, dill, scallion, lettuce, rucola, chard and spinach, and drying them nicely and putting them in the fridge ready to be used. Boiling eggs and putting them in the fridge. Cooking vegetables with olive oil. Making a broth from the chicken you boiled and placing it in the fridge. These preparations will help you stay away from the food outside the program when you are hungry.
  5. Although a quality and sufficient sleep is always important, sleeping at least 7-9 hours each night while continuing the elimination diet will help you stay in line with your diet schedule the next day. One of the worst things that insomnia triggers is the need for sugar and carbohydrates.

If you have never tried the elimination diet, we recommend you to try it at an appropriate time. Many people reported that they were freed from migraines, arthralgia, swellings, sleep disorders and sinus issues even starting with the first week.
By the way... Two more things that can support you when doing the elimination diet:

  1. Daily Ritual Bars. You can have them whenever and wherever you want.
  2. Aslı Osma Kader’s 33 Day Diet book explains the Elimination Diet in detail and helps you implement it.


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