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Intermittent Fasting… What, Why, How?

In recent years, intermittent fasting has occupied the world of nutrition and diet. Quite often new diets become popular and for a while there is a bustle as if everybody is eating that way. Sooner or later another and newer diet trend takes its place.

On the other hand, the situation seems to be different for intermittent fasting. First of all, intermittent fasting is not like a reduction diet, but it is a diet in general sense. You fast for certain periods, but water, coffee and tea without sugar or milk are allowed. There are several different methods for intermittent fasting.

In the 5:2 method, you take a normal diet 5 days a week and for the other two days you pay attention not to exceed 500-600 calories a day. If you choose this method, Daily Ritual Bars will make your life easier because you will know clearly how many calories you take, and you will facilitate the process by taking healthy, natural and nutritious food.

A second method, 12:12, divides the day in half. You eat your meals in one half and you fast for the remaining 12 hours. By lengthening the fasting period, you can change the plan and increase its benefits. From here, you can progress to 14:10 (14 hours fasting, 10 hours eating period), 16: 8 (16 hours fasting 8 hours eating period) or 24 hours fasting.

Let's get to its benefits.

Why do you think that suddenly millions of people in the world are consciously starving themselves?

Because the benefits of intermittent fasting are so great that there are books solely on this topic. If you want to examine it in depth, I suggest you take a look at the books of Dr. Jason Fung, who is known as the master of intermittent fasting.

Let's get back to its benefits.

Its positive effect on insulin is beneficial for everyone from people with weight problems to diabetes patients. In addition, intermittent fasting contributes to the regeneration of mitochondria, the energy sources of the body, and cells. In fact, people with serious chronic diseases are fasting under the supervision of a doctor. In essence, we have to support our body… when we fast regularly and for a while, our body heals itself, devotes its energy to reparation, which allows us to achieve impressive results over time.

Sometimes while fasting, the fasting period comes to an end, but you may not be in a place where you can eat. When we think about workload, children, chores, your schedule can be blown off course.


When it is time for the eating period, it becomes easier to make unhealthy choices due to starving. Daily Ritual Bars produce a very useful and practical solution in this sense. These are tiny but powerful bars that you can carry in your bag and consume without disturbing anyone wherever the time comes.

Have you tried intermittent fasting? Which method is right for you? Whatever works best for you, you can make your intermittent fasting process easier and increase your chances of success with Daily Ritual Bars.


Bon Apetit!

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